The Listening Program In Raleigh, Durham & Cary NC

The evidence-based, drug-free music therapy interventions support the brain through a natural developmental approach. The Listening Program® (TLP) is neuroscience-based music listening therapy that involves listening to acoustically modified music, personalized to improve your brain performance, at any age or level of ability. The Listening Program offers listening training adapted to the needs of each person.

The Listening Program

Who can benefit from TLP?

  • Learning Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Down Syndrome
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Developmental Delays
  • Dyslexia & Reading Disorders
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stress & Anxiety Disorder

How does TLP help?

TLP targets 7 brain areas to help address and improve:

  • Auditory Processing
  • Communication
  • Creative Expression
  • Executive Function
  • Social & Emotional
  • Sensory Motor
  • Stress Resilience

How does it work?

TLP is acoustically modified music in which different frequencies are utilized to target different “zones” of the brain to produce various brain functions and experiences. These “zones” are color coded as the red zone, orange zone, green zone, and blue zone within a music piece. The ABC modular design from TLP gives the brain a warm up, workout, and cooldown phase which is important to help target the listening and not produce overarousal or fight or flight responses from the auditory input.

The Listening Program

How is it used?

The Listening Program can be used anywhere from the home, school and on the go! Schedule and duration of listening varies depending upon the goals, needs and tolerance of the listener. Listening is recommended 5 days a week through one of four listening schedule options.

  • Extended: 1x/day for 15 minutes (40 weeks)
  • Base: 2x/day for 15 minutes each (20 weeks)
  • Condensed 1x/day for 30 minutes (20 weeks)
  • Advanced: 2x/day for 30 minutes each (10 weeks)

Have our therapist access your concerns and priorities, select the custom program to meet their needs and help monitor and adapt your listening journey for the most beneficial results. Please visit  Advanced Brain Technologies for more information regarding TLP (creator of TLP)

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If you are looking to schedule an appointment or evaluation for The Listening Program in Cary, Durham or Raleigh, contact Developmental Therapy Associates. Our listening therapists use “The Listening Program” to help improve brain function among adults and children with listening disabilities. At DTA we also provide a number of other therapy services such as: Handwriting therapy, Irlen screenings, feeding therapy, reading therapy, autism support therapies, Safe & Sound Protocol, bike riding lessons, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. All of these services are available at any of our 3 locations in RaleighCaryDurham, which means we work with students all over the Triangle, from cities and towns like Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Morrisville, Apex, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Clayton, and the surrounding area. Give us a call at any of our locations to schedule an initial evaluation or with any questions you may have.