Visual System

Visual input provides us with information about color, size, brightness, shape, texture, depth, and space.  Visual receptors, referred to as rods and cones, are located within the eye to help process this information.  Processing visual input is different from how well you can see (your vision or eyesight), and instead refers to how your brain is interpreting what it is seeing.  Children with difficult processing visual sensory input may have troubles such as becoming distracted by moving objects or busy backgrounds, and may be sensitive to light.

When to Consider an Evaluation

A child who is over responsive to visual input may have trouble tolerating what they see.  This child may:

  • Have difficulty tolerating bright light or fluorescent light

  • Prefer spending time in dark environments 

  • Have difficulty making eye contact

  • Be easily distracted by visual stimuli (movement, toys, doors, etc.)

A child who is under responsive to visual input may have trouble processing and filtering what they see.  This child may:

  • Have trouble finding objects in a room

  • Like and seek out bright, reflective, or spinning objects

  • Become overly fixated on bright, reflective, and spinning objects


Photos by EJ Cannon Photography