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About Developmental Therapy Associates

Developmental Therapy Associates was established in 1982 and is one of only a handful of pediatric sensory integration therapy clinics in the US. We provide occupational and speech therapy services in Raleigh, Cary, Durham & the Triangle area of North Carolina. our team has been instrumental in the rapidly growing field of speech and occupational therapy by educating the public, as well as medical residents across the Duke & UNC systems. We present our workshops in North Carolina, the United States, and internationally. We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have about our therapy services or to schedule an evaluation.


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Careers & Internships

We are always looking for experienced occupational therapists & speech therapists in Raleigh, Cary, Durham & The Triangle. However, we also hire for other positions from time to time. Check out our careers page to find out more about our current openings or to submit your resume.

We are a teaching facility and always welcome the opportunity to work with students who are looking for internships & shadowing opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you are exploring a career in speech or occupational therapy or if you are well into your program, our aim is to help you grow and develop. Click the button below to learn more about opportunities we have available for students.

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Are you looking for a speech therapist or an occupational therapist?  We work with both children & adults to help them gain the skills they need to succeed in every day activities. We accept a variety of insurance, both private and Medicaid. We offer telehealth and in person therapy sessions. With three locations, in Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, we’re convenient to anywhere you live in the Triangle. Click the button below to find out more about becoming a new patient.

See What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

We feel so fortunate to be part of the DTA family! Our child looks forward to sessions with Megan every week, and is making huge progress in emotional regulation, interoception, and fine motor control. Megan's proactive and thoughtful care goes way above and beyond our expectations. Melissa (front desk) is also super helpful - extremely efficient, supportive and communicative.
Tr Fetter
TR Fetter
DTA has made a huge, positive difference in our child's, and thus our family's, life. They have a wealth of tools and resources and create a warm and friendly atmosphere for the kids and families. Our child looks forward to every appointment with her amazing OT Megan, and we so appreciate Megan and the rest of the awesome staff at DTA!
Christopher Moore (Christo) is such an amazing occupational therapist. He is obviously a really good teacher because he has students (sometimes) and he allows them to really grow and flourish. I just cannot think Christo enough for what he has done for my son - And for me as a mom! He gives really wonderful strategies to use at home that helps decrease the stress and frustration.
Amie Koch, Fnp
Amie Koch, FNP
Great facilities and equipment here for sensory integration needs! The OTs and SLPs here truly care for all of their patients! :)
Kara Boone
Kara Boone
DTA and the therapists at DTA have been a lifeline for my family. Between two kids, three services, and three therapists, you could say that we’re pretty heavily involved! We first started at DTA a year and a half ago. I always knew that my then 5-year-old was in need of some services but I couldn’t quite pinpoint what exactly she needed. I decided to start by pursuing speech. I called and explained that I was unsure of the process and that my daughter had some anxieties. They were very understanding and ended up pairing us with Ms. Amanda Turner, SLP, stating that they thought it would be a good fit. I could say the rest is history, however, it was really the beginning.Ms. Amanda truly changed the trajectory of our little girl’s life (and thus ours). I have never met someone so caring, so beyond generous with their time, such an advocate…I could go on and on. It’s wild to think that when we started I was so lost because a year and a half later our life looks so different. She’s helped us to understand our daughter better and to seek additional services we needed. Most of all she has been the most incredible sounding board and advocate for her, helping us to gain an outside ADHD diagnosis when others wouldn’t listen to our reality, and has guided us in pursuing an Autism diagnosis which would have been so scary to navigate on our own.My daughter has also grown dramatically through speech at DTA! She’s gained so much confidence and an amazing ability to advocate for herself and speak up that was just not present before. Ms. Amanda has always reminded us so much of our daughter and it’s been so wonderful having a neuroaffirming role model representation of what celebrating and being true to who you are looks like. In fact, it’s bettered how we approach our own kids. I could cry thinking about what we’ll do one day without Ms. Amanda. Mostly me, as she’s become such a part of our family that I’ve in fact cried TO her during the ups and downs of our journey over the past year and a half.We’ve also recently started seeing Ms. Killian Ayscue for OT for our now 6 year-old and Ms. Emily Rulewicz for speech for our 3-year old. Both are also so wonderful and the practice was more than accommodating with trying to make sure our services were paired together conveniently which has made such a difference to us. Ms. Killian has recently taught us the Wilbarger Protocol and Ms. Emily is just so great with littles.My six-year-old has also recently started receiving feeding therapy due to picky eating and food sensitivities which I didn’t previously realize was an option at all, let alone at DTA. Ms. Killian and Ms. Amanda have collaborated on identifying her needs in this area from both an OT and SLP perspective and I’m so grateful to have access to such a combined wealth of knowledge from multiple disciplines.Overall, I can’t imagine ever having my kids seen anywhere else. Not only have services at DTA worked well for our family logistically, but more importantly my family has thrived as a result.
We’ve had a wonderful experience with Ashley!
Annelise Rogers
Annelise Rogers
We have utilized DTA for several services for all three of our kids... speech and play therapy, and all our experiences have been absolutely wonderful. Our speech therapist connected with our 2 year old beautifully and our two older kids benefited from play therapy with Ashley, Brittany, Anna and others. We are grateful to have been referred to them and would go back, if needed, in a heartbeat.
Rich Podraza
Rich Podraza
We truly appreciate Brittany and Mackenzie for their kindness, patience, and persistent efforts to help our son, James, with his sound sensitivity! Brittany has a wealth of knowledge and experience with Therapeutic Listening and the Safe and Sound protocol! She was always coming up with new ideas and ways to help our son. Both ladies were also so kind and positive, which made therapy appointments fun and pleasant experiences for James. Thank you, Brittany Iwanski and Mackenzie, for all you have done to help our family!
Dorine Newton
Dorine Newton
My daughter has been going to OT at DTA in Durham for the past 10 years. Currently, Ms. Kara Worley has been phenomenal with thinking outside the box and being creative to keep her excited about returning every week. She has made much progress thanks to these wonderful professionals.
Marisa K
Marisa K
Both of my daughters had great experiences at DTA! My younger one graduated this past summer for eating issues, and she has expanded her repertoire of foods she will eat so dramatically! Some of her recent additions include ginger chicken, paw paw cake, and couscous! She loved going to OT and still misses Ms. Megan. The whole experience was very gentle and positive, and highly successful.
Lea Ray
Lea Ray

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