Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a number of frequently asked questions that our team hears pretty frequently. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to on this page, please give any of our locations a call or contact us via the online form and one of our team members will be happy to get back to you with an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • The sessions for Speech Therapy are normally 30 minutes in length, and an initial evaluation will
    be 60 minutes.
  • All Occupational Therapy sessions are 60 minutes, and this is for both Initial evaluations and
    regular treatment sessions.
  • For both Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, the evaluations are 60 minutes in length.
  • Yes, we have. We are specialized in this area of speech therapy. Please get in touch with us to schedule an evaluation.
  • Yes, we do. We have specialized testing we perform, and this evaluation is not normally covered by insurance and is considered an out-of-pocket expense (we work with your budget on payment plans). However, the treatment is covered by insurance. Please contact us for more information regarding dyslexia treatment.
  • We accept most major insurances companies. Please see our insurance page for more information. Please call 919-493-7002 if you have additional questions.
  • This all depends on the scores your child receives from the evaluations. However, their sessions could be once to twice a week for a minimum of three months or longer. Our goal is to ensure the proper treatment is provided so your child or loved one can be as successful as possible.
  • We highly encourage parent involvement in our evaluation and therapy sessions. We work with you and your loved one to figure out what is best for them.
  • Yes, we have been teaching children (with parents observing) how to ride a bicycle properly. This is not covered by insurance, but we offer a cost-effective option of breaking the session into fifteen-minute intervals.
  • Please get in touch with one of our offices with any questions you have about this offering.
  • We always find a safe spot that both child and clinician can practice in. We go to a local park, private parking lot, etc. The goal is to be far away from any traffic so that the proper technique can be provided. Safety is the priority!
  • We do not provide the bicycle because we want to ensure the child fits the bike properly. Also, we want the child to know how to ride their bike.
  • Yes, we do! We have been treating adults (18+) for many years. Please get in touch with us for more information about any adult needs you may have.
  • A free screening is a short (approx. 10-15 minute) meeting with your child that will briefly analyze the child’s speech and language skills. During play-based tasks, we screen your child’s speech production/articulation skills, as well as take a brief look at your child’s ability to understand and use language.
  • If a further evaluation is needed you will be contacted directly by the therapist your child initially worked with.
  • Following your child’s screening the therapist that completed the screening will contact you to discuss why your child or loved one was recommended for further evaluation.
  • The therapist will briefly explain what a screening consists of, in addition, to the reasons your child may be a good candidate for speech-language or occupational therapy services.
  • Yes, we offer handwriting clinic sessions, which is a 1 hour evaluation completed by an Occupational Therapy. You will be asked to bring handwriting samples to the evaluation for the therapist to assess. Both the parent and child are involved in the session and the parent and child will receive basic strategies, tools and handouts on improving handwriting. The handwriting clinic is for those clients whose main concern is related to handwriting (for example, legibility, letter formations, organization, etc.). The cost of the evaluation session is $100.00 and is not covered by insurance. Subsequent sessions are $50/30-minutes and completed as needed.
  • While our handwriting clinic is a one time evaluation, the handwriting intensive program consists of five 30-minute sessions that are scheduled based on the information assessed and collected during the handwriting clinic evaluation. Intensives can maximize change over a short period of time and you will be provided with strategies, tools and handouts to carry over and practice at home. These sessions are $25 each and are not covered by insurance.
  • Yes, we provide consultation services! This will depend on the nature of your concerns, however, talking with one of our therapists can help provide more information to see if a consultation is a good fit for you or your child. During a consultation, you will come to your scheduled appointment and a therapist will complete an interview to assess your concerns and needs. Strategies, tools and/or handouts may be provided during the consultation and your therapist can talk with you about additional follow-up sessions. Please call our clinic to learn more about consultation services.
  • Our therapists occasionally complete school visits when weekly sessions occur in the clinic. This allows the therapist to observe and treat a child in their natural environment in the classroom, talk with and problem solve with teachers, and provide strategies or tools, as needed, for classroom success. School visits are typically an out of pocket cost unless your insurance covers it. You can talk without Front Desk Coordinators to find out more information about school visits.

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