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The Durham location of Developmental Therapy Associates provides occupational therapy and speech therapy to adults & children who need extra help to achieve success in their everyday activities. We understand that each of our patients is unique, which is why we work with each of them to develop customized therapy solutions for their situation. If you are lookin for an speech or occupational therapist in Durham NC, contact our team today.

What Is Oral Motor Therapy?

Oral-motor techniques can be used in these therapies: articulation, phonology, dysphagia, feeding, orofacial myology, and occupational or physical therapy.

Speech Therapist In Durham NC

Speech Therapist Durham Nc

Our speech therapists in Durham NC can help with speech & language disabilities in both adults & children.

Occupational Therapy Durham NC

Occupational Therapy Durham Nc

Our occupational therapy in Durham can help children & adults succeed in important daily activities.

All Therapy Services Durham NC


Our team offers a wide variety of therapy services for a number of disabilities. Click below to learn more.

Occupational Therapy In Durham

About Developmental Therapy Associates in Durham

Developmental Therapy Associates was established in 1982 and is one of only a handful of pediatric sensory integration therapy clinics in the US. We are a leading provider of occupational & speech therapy in Durham NC. We are instrumental in the rapidly growing field of speech and occupation therapy, and we do this by educating the public & medical residents throughout the UNC & Duke systems and our workshops reach throughout NC and internationally. We welcome any questions you may have about speech or occupational therapy in Durham.

Speech Therapy In Durham Nc

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Find out more about occupational therapy in Durham NC.

Look For Internships Or Jobs in Occupational or Speech Therapy in Durham?

As a teaching facility, Developmental Therapy Associates is always looking to help help students grow in the fields of occupational, speech, and language therapy in Durham & the Triangle. We offer shadowing opportunities as well as speech & occupational therapy internships in Durham for undergraduate and graduate students. Click the button below to learn more about these opportunities.

Developmental Therapy Associates is also a leader in speech therapy & occupational therapy in Durham, which means we are always looking for qualified candidates. We also take applications for administrative positions and support staff positions. Take a look at our careers page for more information.

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Information For New Patients in Durham

It doesn’t matter what age you are, at Developmental Therapy Associates we help adults and children gain the skills they need to succeed in their every day activities. We accept a number of different insurance plans so we can make sure that are services are accessible to a large number of patients in Durham & the Triangle. We also offer in person and telehealth therapy appointments! Getting started with DTA is easy, just click the button below and you’ll find the resources you will need for your first appointment.

See What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

My daughter has been going to OT at DTA in Durham for the past 10 years. Currently, Ms. Kara Worley has been phenomenal with thinking outside the box and being creative to keep her excited about returning every week. She has made much progress thanks to these wonderful professionals.
Marisa K
Marisa K
Both of my daughters had great experiences at DTA! My younger one graduated this past summer for eating issues, and she has expanded her repertoire of foods she will eat so dramatically! Some of her recent additions include ginger chicken, paw paw cake, and couscous! She loved going to OT and still misses Ms. Megan. The whole experience was very gentle and positive, and highly successful.
Lea Ray
Lea Ray
Right away we knew DTA was our place because when you walk in it feels like a hug.Outstanding speech therapist Haley, who is a speech production game-changer while making the whole thing fun!
Shelly Mcgee
Shelly McGee
We love this place in Cary. We've seen such an improvement over time. So happy to be apart of the DTA FAMILY.. Our little girl loves coming here!!
Melissa Torres
Melissa Torres
this place is so fun and it can help a LOT
G Crickon
G Crickon
Both of my kids saw Ashleigh Lathram and she was wonderful. Both kids met their goals in OT. Ashleigh taught us great strategies to use to support them. She was great at communicating with me, connecting with them, and helping them. Scheduling was also very easy, which we appreciated. Completely recommend.
Chantal Mcgill
Chantal McGill
Katie and Michelle are the best therapists. My nephew Julian has flourished because of them.He has come such a long way and it couldn't have been without them.They are a clinic where you can feel the amount of care for every patient, but that might just be Mrs. Kat.She always makes sure that everything is as it should!Totally recommend!
Rosa Cazarez
Rosa Cazarez
We are very pleased with the therapists at DTA in Cary. Evelyn and Jenny are wonderful with our boys and always have great suggestions and resources to help us at home. They listen and ask great questions . Also, they worked hard to make the Zoom sessions meaningful during the quarantine period.
Joe Sebik
Joe Sebik
Found them through a referral! THESE WOMEN ARE AMAZING! The therapist here are incredible .
Susan Winston
Susan Winston
Swetal has been a wonderful and understanding therapist to my son. He's matured and become much more aware of his body since she's been working with. It's made a huge difference. Thank you, DTA!
Gin Munoz
Gin Munoz