Developmental Therapy Associates – Locations

Developmental Therapy Associates has 3 locations in Raleigh, Cary & Durham. That means if you are looking for occupation or speech therapy anywhere in the Triangle, we have a location that’s convenient for you. 

Developmental Therapy Associates 400
DTA office Durham NC

3624 Shannon Rd Suite 104
Durham, NC 27707

Phone Number: 919-493-7002
Fax Number: 919-403-1407

Hours Of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

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DTA office Cary NC

875 Walnut Street Ste 100
Cary, NC 27511

Phone Number: 919-465-3966
Fax Number: 919-465-3886

Hours Of Operation:

Monday – Saturday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

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IMG 1630

186 Wind Chime Ct Suite 104
Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone Number: 919-870-1280
Fax Number: 919-870-1285

Hours Of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

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Not Sure Which Location You Need? Contact Us With Any Questions You May Have!

If you have questions about any of our locations, feel free to fill out the form below and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. All of our locations provide the same therapy services which include speech therapy, occupational therapy, handwriting therapy, bike riding lessons, Irlen screenings, integrated listening system, autism resources, feeding therapy, dyslexia & reading therapy, and therapeutic listening. Our locations are all teaching facilities, which means that we offer shadowing & student internships for occupational and speech therapy in Raleigh, Cary & Durham. Please contact us online or give our locations a call with any questions or to schedule an appointment for occupational or speech therapy in Raleigh & the Triangle today.