Amber Golden-Parker

COTA/L Occupational Therapy Asst.

In 2015, Amber was introduced to pediatric occupational therapy through the care of a loved one. After observing various treatment sessions and gaining a first hand perspective of the profession, Amber began to pursue a career in OT. During her level II Fieldwork, she gained the opportunity to learn from the experienced staff at DTA. After graduating from Durham Technical Community College’s OTA program, Amber returned to the DTA family as a part time occupational therapy assistant. She is currently continuing her educational path at North Carolina State University, focusing on Human Biology and Health Psychology. In her spare time she enjoys trips to the beach and painting.

“Having the opportunity to experience OT from both a client’s and a clinician’s perspective has helped me provide client centered care and support to caregivers, facilitating meaningful engagement in activities that are most important.”

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