Joseph Torres

Chief Executive Officer and President

Joseph Torres

In 2012 Joseph was involved in an auto accident that placed him in the hospital for a month and in a wheelchair for three months. It was this unfortunate experience that made him aware of this very important industry as he needed many months of therapy to help him live a normal life once again. For this reason, he wanted to be involved in helping others.

​Joseph’s experience includes managing multiple global teams and organizations across different industries. His goal is to add value while maintaining core values. He holds two degrees in technology with concentrations in project management and an MBA from UNC @ Pembroke.

“What we do at DTA is beyond a service, it is life-changing. Our motto is “Changing Lives Through Everyday Successes” and we live it everyday. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we do and we are so happy to help you on your journey.”

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